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From: The Desk of William Fletcher

To: Struggling Marketer

Have you dreamed of having your very own profitable authority blog that brings you a constant income stream but are struggling?

Creating a profitable authority blog takes ALOT of time and hard work to create all the content.

And how often do you need fresh content?

It's no surprise that the top authority blogs are creating great content for their audience daily. And creating great content like this on a daily basis can be a HUGE struggle.

And paying a freelancer to write the content for you can be EVEN WORSE.

Without high quality fresh content your blog won’t stand a chance at becoming THE go to authority blog in your niche and you will be wasting your time and money online.

For all your hard work and effort you have put in online you should be making more money right?

Look, I've been there before too. Spent days, months….and years spinning my wheels trying to be successful online.

When I got started with Authority Blogging I was lost like everyone else. I followed every detail I could find online from the so called “experts” about blogging.

Set things up just like they said.

Installed every plugin under the sun.

Optimized my blog for SEO

And painstakingly wrote blog post after blog post but I just couldn't keep up the pace.

I was putting my heart and soul into this business on blogs that never got the recognition they deserved.

But then I discovered the KEY COMPONENT to every successful Authority Blog. And when I made this discovery I started getting traffic, building an audience of loyal fans, and most importantly...started making money.

I spent a heck of a lot of time putting the pieces together and reverse engineered every successful blog.

And there was one critical piece of the puzzle I was missing…

It wasn't my lack of effort.

It wasn’t that my blog wasn’t optimized for SEO

It wasn’t my strategy.

It was the sheer fact that I couldn't keep up with the successful Authority Blogs…

These guys were pumping out content like a machine with a team of writers. A team of writers that I surely didn't have the money to pay for.

Man in white shirt and black tie holding an empty wallet.

I simply could not keep up with them. I needed content, I needed it now, and I needed a whole lot of it.

Look, content is king.

But writing great content and a lot of it is hard work. And if you're spending all your time writing content it's hard to focus on what really matters.

Converting your audience into customers and putting more money in YOUR pocket.

You see, I knew content was king. And I’m sure you do to.

I had to find a better way to create more great content.

And that is exactly what I did.

I spent hours and days searching for the best ways to get high quality content on my blogs to to keep up up with the successful authority blogs.

I tested every method I could find for creating content fast. But not any content...high quality content.

I tested what content people loved.

I tested what kind of content people shared.

I tested every strategy I could find until I had Authority Blogging Down to A Science. And I put it into a step-by-step blueprint that ANYONE can follow.


This isn’t some sketchy guide about autoblogging. This isn’t your typical how to blog guide.

This is about building a REAL business. Big authority blogs have figured it out and now I want to show you how to duplicate their business plan.

Delivered as a step-by-step blueprint for creating a Powerful Authority Blog Leveraging the content of others, without going out of pocket to buy content.

This is the EXACT blueprint I am PERSONALLY using.

Think about what you could do if you had an authority blog that was pulling in thousands of visitors every single day.

Would you be building a massive list of subscribers?

Would you be promoting affiliate offers to them?

Would you be creating and launching your own products that thousands of visitors see on your blog every single day?

Think about how powerful having your very own authority blog would be.


Here’s What You Will Discover:

How to become the best source of information and news for your market so that you can dominate any niche. Be sure your authority blog will be the go to source for your niche.

How to do keyword research the right way so you know exactly what keywords you should use to curate the best content in your niche.

How to find the best sources for content in your niche so that you can curate the best content to your blog. You will discover my secret sources for uncovering the best sources of content for ANY niche.

How to add a MASSIVE amount of high quality content to your blog without hardly lifting a finger. Dominate your niche and become the authority with the BEST content with LESS work.

See behind the scenes as I reveal my favorite news/curation blog/magazine WordPress themes for your curation blog so that you have a great looking site from day 1. (Get this wrong and your traffic won't convert into PROFITS.)

See exactly how to setup your curation blog to get more clicks and pageviews from your traffic so that you have more chances to capture subscribers and make money from your blog.

If you want a highly optimized authority blog you're going to love this section.


Discover my favorite tool for finding the best content in your niche so that you become the go to resource in your niche fast.

Money-Credit-Card-128The best ways to make money from your blog. If you want to create a profitable authority blog YOU need to know the best ways to monetize it. I share my best methods for making money from your blog.

Nothing worse than setting everything up and not getting paid for your efforts. No more empty balances if you follow what I teach.

And so much more! The points above only scratch the surface of what is included in this powerful training.

In just moments you could have in your hands my entire proven system for creating more high quality content and a powerful authority blog.

And to top it off. I am going to give you access to some amazing SECRET bonuses as a thank you for grabbing this.

I have packed a ton of information into this training to give you everything you need to create a powerful authority blog in 30 days leveraging the content of others.

Don't be left out…

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Blogging has changed. Old methods aren’t relevant anymore. Give Google and your readers what they want and profit exactly as I do with content curation and my step by step blueprint.

I’d also like to ensure that you are covered 100% and are at ZERO risk by offering a modified 30 day money back guarantee.

I am SO CONFIDENT that I’ve done my best to teach you how to succeed using this method, that I offer this guarantee. 30 days from now if you have tried this product and can tell me exactly what you did, and you didn’t see results, email me for a full 100% refund.

I’ll see you on the inside!

To your success,

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