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Every once and a while an awesome product comes along that I want to share with you guys. This is one of them! But, I wanted to make the offer even better for you...

That's why I put together this amazing bonus. Keep in mind, this isn't PLR junk products. These are high quality products that I created that will help you implement what is taught in the Easy Launch Funnel.

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Bonus 1 - Product Funnel Framework

Discover The Secret To Real Internet Marketing Success As I Reveal One Of My Most Powerful Online Business Models

==> Copy my exact formula for creating a complete sales funnel from start to finish. This isn't your average sales funnel.

==> Exactly how to price products in your funnels for the highest conversions. I give you the EXACT pricing structure I use for front-end products and OTO's for massive conversions.

==>  How to over deliver on every product your create so that your buyers love you and buy from you again and again.

==>  Find out exactly what tools I use to set everything up and how you can get your funnels setup faster than you ever thought possible. In fact, I will share why you don't need all the fancy expensive tools.

==> My formula for creating high converting sales copy. Never wrote sales copy before? No problem, with this simple formula you can craft a high converting sales letter in an hour.

==> You'll discover 1 simple line to add to your sales letters that will get you more sales and more customers on every product you release.

==> Warning! You will discover Why the launch model isn't the best formula and my secret for avoiding it. Your going to get access to my method that pays you again and again even when your not launching.

==> How to create a free report your list loves and generates big pay days for you. You will also discover the BIG mistake most people make when creating a free report that literally kills your conversion rate.

==> The exact email promotion strategy I use for my buyers list and how to automate it to make you sales again and again.

==> You'll Discover How NOT to burn out your buyers list. Find out the #1 mistake most internet marketers are making with their buyers list and how you can avoid it.

==> Forget commissions and sharing your profits. With this business model you keep all the profits for yourself.

==> How to build your business and authority at the same time.

==> How to become the go to expert in your niche. People want to buy from the experts. You'll discover how to quickly become the go to expert in your niche.

==> How to plan out your product funnel from the beginning. This is where most people go wrong...they start a business without a good strategy. Discover how to create your funnel strategy.

==> Discover my secret formula for endless ideas for hot products, lead magnets, and content.

==> How to get people excited about your products, on your list, and into your product funnel.

==> Discover why traffic isn't the problem and what IS the most IMPORTANT part of driving traffic to your funnel.

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Bonus 2 - Authority Product Blueprint

Module 1: The Authority Product Model

In this module you will see the big picture behind the authority product model and why most people get this wrong and never achieve real success online.You will see why product creation is one of the best online business models.

Module 2: The Idea Machine

In this module I walk you through my extremely simple method for coming up with Hot product ideas so that you can create multiple products to profit from on demand. With this method you will see how to create products that you know your prospects want so you don't waste time creating products that no one wants to buy. With this simple method you will know a product is a hit before you even launch it.

Module 3: Product Creation

In this module you will get my EXACT process for creating high quality information marketing products fast. How to go from idea, to outline, and design high quality products fast. I reveal EXACTLY what you need to do to create products faster than you ever thought you could.

Module 4: Start Building Your Product

In this module you will actually start creating your first product. You will learn the best types of products to create and the difference between the types of products you can create. (By the time you finish this module you should have the first draft of your product completed.)

Module 5: Product Review And Packaging

In this module you will learn how to review your product to make sure it is complete and ready to deliver great results to your customers. You will also learn how to format your products to make it easy on your customers. Finally, you will see how to package your products in the most popular formats for great results.

Module 6: Selling Your Product

In this module you will learn how to price your products and where to launch them for best results. You will also learn about creating your sales page and getting your product download pages set up.

Module 7: How To Turn Product Creation Into A Full Blown Business

In this final module you will find out why product creation is one of the best online business models and how you can turn it into a full blown business. This part of the course is where things get really exciting.

You are also going to get:

==> A plug and play fill in the blanks blueprint to create your first Powerful info product. The template will literally walk you through creating your first product. You will have your first created product by the time you finish this Powerful training.

==> A proven rinse and repeat formula for creating successful info products again and again.

==> A method to make sure people love your product and come back for more
And soooo much more…

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